Ellen Replogle

16855 Rt. 66

Phillipsburg, MO 65722

Cell # 417-588-0301 email: luvsqltn@centurytel.net

Hi, thanks for visiting. My name is Ellen Replogle. Horses, sewing and quilting have been passions of mine for a very long time and now leather work is at the top of that list. I love the endless possibilities that working with leather has to offer! I can get lost for hours with pencil and paper designing a tooling pattern for a special project. Let that next project be something for you!

Saddles My first saddle I built under the instruction of Dale Moore at The Montana Horseman Saddle Building School in Belgrade, Montana. It was an honor and a privilege to learn from him first-hand and proudly ride in the saddle I built there! Recently I attended saddle building course with Denny Lowe at Springfield Leather Company in Springfield, MO. During twelve weekly classes I watched Denny build a saddle and applied his approach to building another one of my own with different features. I am ready, willing and able to built your next saddle! Chaps & Chinks It is a sense of pride seeing a competitor at a reining competition, team sorting, roping or rodeo event wearing a pair of custom chaps or chinks that we collaborated on. Getting a real sense of what you are hoping for; the look and feel of the leather, the fit, the design—it is a process I really enjoy and strive to achieve. I am blessed to live an hour drive of Springfield Leather Company and Tandy Leather Company in Springfield, MO which gives me access to a wide range of leather options and hardware. I also have catalogs from several leather supply companies for even more options.
Headstalls, Belts, Spur Straps & More Along with saddles and chaps, if you are in need of anything made from leather, please contact me and let's get busy!